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  • Snow Day 10/03/2023

    Good morning Tommy Flowers Class,

    As the school is closed to staff and pupils today we have put together some activities we would like you to complete throughout the day.

    Maths: LO: To solve problems with area and perimeter.

    Reading: Read the text and complete the questions

    Writing: LO: To understand commands.

    Obviously, we don’t want you to spend all day sat at a screen doing work, and so all three tasks can be completed in less than an hour altogether. Get outside and enjoy the snow safely – and remember to avoid the yellow patches!

  • Chinese New Year Celebration

    2023 is the Chinese New Year of Rabbit. We had our special Chinese New Year celebration workshop with Tommy Flowers class.

    We had three stations, our food station is to make and taste spring rolls; entertainment station is traditional Chinese lantern riddles; our cultural station this year is to try Chinese brush painting of our zodiac animals.

    Spring roll was proved very popular, here is the recipe for people who want to give it a go at home.


    Sauces and spices

    • salt
    • light soy
    • Chinese five spices
    • cooking oil


    1. Soak the noodles in warm water until it’s soft and then use kitchen scissors to cut them into small bits.
    2. Shred/cut the cabbage, carrot into small pieces.
    3. Heat up cooking oil in a frying pan, fry all the filling ingredients in a hot pan on high heat until it’s cooked, season with salt, soy sauce, Chinese five spices.
    4. Wait for the fillings to cool down before you make your spring rolls.
    5. Roll your spring rolls (hopefully you still remember how to roll them from the workshop)
    6. Deep fry the spring rolls in medium heat or air frier.
    7. You can have your spring rolls with sweet and chilli sauce.

    Wish you all a Happy Chinese Year of Rabbit!

    Mrs Jin

  • School closure 22/11/2022

    Hi Tommy Flowers class,

    Today’s work is as follows:

    Maths – LO: To add mixed numbers

    Writing – LO: To write a song based on the dot

    Watch the wagoll song and song lyrics – create your own song about using your growth mindset

    Reading – LO: To answer a variety of questions based upon the world cup

  • 18/11/2022

    Good morning, Tommy Flowers Class!

    As the school is unexpectedly closed today, I am uploading some work for you to complete at home.

    I will also be uploading this on to Google Classroom, however I understand there has been some issues with log ins. If you get on to Google Classroom, you may need to enter a class code, if so, use this pin:


    The work to complete is:

    1. Maths – LO: To add and subtract fractions
    2. Writing – LO: To uplevel adventure story including year 6 skills
    3. Topic – LO: Research Anne Frank – Create a poster, factfile, to research information about Anne Frank. Remember that when you use the internet you need to use safe search engines (KidRex, Swiggle, Kiddle)

    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

    Mr Sainsbury 🙂

  • Hello Year 6!

    Tommy Flowers class have made a fantastic start to Year 6, they have settled in well and are being fabulous role models. Now we are officially Year 6, we received our yellow ties and have been wearing them with pride ever since. We are also ready for our new Year 6 responsibilities and have written letters to Mrs Baxter to put ourselves forward for Head pupils/Head of house/prefects and also library monitors. Stay tuned for the big reveal…

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